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Quick Update 1/5/10: Here is an additional helpful video breaking down the crossover move !


Youtube and other video sites have many interesting videos on just about any topic.

Here I find some Basketball related videos where the average guy can learn and apply in their own game.

1.  Very simple/basic Crossover move – thru the leg and back over


2. Stephon Marbury (formerly with NY Knicks) –  get your man leaning …  and then explode into the crossover with the ball lower than your knees

3. Jason Otter –  Killer Crossover Video is really good ! as he breaks down the crossover well

As I look at these and try to do them, I see that its really really tough to do without a coach to assist in person. Maybe, videoing myself doing these moves can help … of course trying the move in a game is the ultimate goal but you have to learn slowly and speed it up gradually.



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