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Sat Jan 30, 2010

So, I’ve been busy working on a 1 minute video for the EPA video contest.

I created 2 1 minute videos on Youtube that I want to enter into a Video Contest for a Recycling Conservation Video.
The Song and Lyrics was written by me ( A Greener World ) but the melody of the song is from
Bob Dylan’s famous folk song of the 60’s: Blowing in the Wind.



Which one do you think is better ? 

LA Guy ( Paul )


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I decided to try Dave’s  “Live Demo” link for his DotNetNuke Shopping Cart module for sale around $180.



Shopping Cart Module page is here:


Here are the screen shots I took from the “Live Demo” link.








So, this is the basic DNN Checkout workflow.

It will be nice to have Dave Smith explain the details workings for us at our

Feb 10, 2010 Meeting of the DNN User Group.


I should prepare a list of questions for evaluating the shopping cart.


How can we “SKIN” the look of the rather bland pages ?

Back button issues

Can this module be used independent of his registration modules etc.



Scheduled FEB 2010 – David Smith from http://www.smith-consulting.com will speak about his commercially available DNN Shopping Cart Module. Those of you looking to add E-Commerce to your DNN Sites should bring your questions and issues for David

Presentation Outline:
1.   Company overview
2.   Shopping cart module demo/discussion
3.   Registration module demo/discussion
a.   Registration Pro
b.   Registration Standard
c.   Registration with Authorize.net payment page
4.   Q&A

Dave is a local dotnetnuke developer in southern California located in Laguna Niguel.  He has been in the credit card processing business for 15 years and has been developing dnn modules for a little over 3 years.  His company has developed a shopping cart and registration modules for DNN which we sell on snowcovered.
David H. Smith
Smith Consulting, Inc
20 Kendall St, Suite 100
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
(949) 244-9739 (office)
(714) 276-9047 (fax)


Thanks, Paul

DNN User Group Lead

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Update: Thu 1/28/10 Suggestion from John Rofano on the Sony Vegas forum


He recommends I try converting the .AVI audio to PCM using Avidemux . . .   but it doesn’t work !







I tried converted the .AVI to .WMV( with Movie Maker ) and that will work in Sony Vegas

( but I really don’t want to take the extra step for all the .AVI files I shoot ).


So,  wondering if there is a way to get the AUDIO track ?


Thanks, LA Guy ( Paul )



Research Sun Jan 23, 2010

Per Mike K on cow forum

Download MJPEG demo codec



Wanted to find the Audio Specs on the old camera but even RCA’s site doesn’t publish it

They don’t post specs for very old model EZ201 on there product page:


But the the old EZ205 model does show SPECS


The Specs Tab shows ….

Still Image Resolution:(still image size)
1280 x 960

Mega Pixels:
1MP by Interpolation

Photo Format:


Video Standard:

Video Compression Format:



Recording Resolution:
640 x 480 in HQ MODE @ 30FPS

448 x 336 in WEBQ MODE @ 30FPS


Found this Forum here for using the Extended Memory Chip here


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Goal: To be able to use .AVI files created from my RCA Small Wonder EZ201 pocket video camera in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9. Currently, audio track is NOT importing ( only Video ).

Update: Sun 1/23/10 1pm – Still working on a solution with help from Mike Kubjida.

I’ve installed XviD MPEG 4 video codec.

I also downloaded Mainconcept  MJPEG demo codec and still but no luck !


But, we see the Video Inspector still doesn’t recognize the Audio Codec





But, Sony Vegas still does not recognize AVI audio on Import :(  Still more work to do !!!





Original Post here:

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I’m a Sony Vegas newbie who has been using Windows Movie Maker with my RCA Small Wonder EZ201 pocket camcorder ( 2+ years old ) to create .AVI files.

These files import to Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 ( trial ) without the audio track.

NOTE: the .AVI files play fine with sound in Movie Maker and Windows Media Player on my Windows 7 Dell E1525 Laptop.



So I found a  free tool called VideoInspector that can assist in analyzing your video files and codes installed on your PC.


So, on the left side menu, click the Codec icon to see what we have installed

Don’t see XviD MPEG-4 codec in this list below


Audio Codec: Don’t see MPEG 1 or 2 installed ?



So, at this point maybe I should try and download these Codecs ?


So, I click on the Video Download button and I get a page like this but …



So, I’m gonna post this problem on the COW forum for help !


Stay tuned …

Some help from  Mike Kujbida on createcow.net to get link for XVid codec.


Now Video Inspector shows the Codec Installed but we still need the Audio Codec


So, off to find the MPEG 1 or 2 audio codec !

No luck so far, gonna ask on CreativeCow.Net forum.


Thanks, LA Guy ( Paul )

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Once, you start producing videos you will need to display text to be read, so creating a portable easy to use Teleprompter with your laptop software is another tool in your bag of tricks.

The basic idea is to display Text on glass directly in line with the camera so you will be looking directly at the camera lens.


1. This one looks pretty good. You need to put it together but it definitely looks doable

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=leL6sq0k0PI 

watch out for the annoying begin / end to this video !

I don’t see how the glass with 2 pieces of white wood are clamped to the Tripod.

It would be nice if “someone” does a video on making this !


2. Otis Collier shows how to make one for around $40.

This will require some skill to make it yourself though.


3. $10 Teleprompter but hard for me  to follow the video.

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Page Updated: 1/20/10 – Tapioca Express video at bottom

Sun 1/17/2010

Here is the first HD Video I created using Sony Vegas. I basically created the same video for  DMG Health Clinic using Sony Vegas in HD 720 and HD 1080 .WMV formats.

This was an excellent learning opportunity to compare working with the more powerful Sony Vegas software after working with Movie Maker for a couple of years.


Here is the original version HD 1080 created using Windows Live Movie Maker.


Tues 1/19/2010

Today,  I create a simple short video for Tapioca Express Tea House in my neighborhood ( San Gabriel, CA).

Using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 camera, I shot some pics and video.

I’m brand new to Sony Vegas software and this is a good opportunity to develop some skills.

Update: Wed 1/20/10 9pm -  minor changes as I learn move Sony Vegas Movie Studio ( from Version 1 to Version 5 )

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=IpQ1–QwPBo


Here, we utilize a Picture in Picture effect while the panning video is running to show a slide show at the same time.

I created the output in mini HD 720 resolution in .WMV format.

Also, maybe I can figure out how to get the PIP screen to animate on the video ( rotate ) and better Text Display effects.


Check it out,  LA  Guy ( Paul )

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