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Thanks to Peter Dobson for donating his popular Module to our User Group.

I’m having a problem exporting Users.



This type of page is not served.
Description: The type of page you have requested is not served because it has been explicitly forbidden.  The extension ‘.resources’ may be incorrect.   Please review the URL below and make sure that it is spelled correctly.



Not sure, how to export users here.

Thanks, Paul


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I want to help my nephew Richard with Screen recorder  software ( from TechSmith – Camtasia Recorder)

and I suggested he try Jing but I haven’t tried it with  Windows Live Movie Maker WLMM etc.

Turns out WLMM doesn’t like the .SWF file

so off to google to try and convert the .SWF file

This thread mentions to use PCFREETIME software to do conversions to .WMV from .SWF



BUT, Can’t seem to use Format Time Converter generated  .AVI and .WMV files in WLMM ???

I don’t understand how the .AVI and WMV files can’t be read.

So, I give up, there must be a Free Screen Recorder that saves to .WMV for use with WLMM.


Switching to MS  Office Labs – Community Clips Recorder



after installing the  .MSI installer file , I couldn’t see how to start the program ( it’s in the Task Bar loaded programs )





When click here to stop it it will allow you to save the .WMV file which will work fine in WLMM.



Bottom line: both Jing (.SWF) and Community Clips (.WMV) are free and very useful !

Thanks, LA Guy ( Paul )

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UPDATED 11:11pm

A Helping Hand – Diversified Medical Clinic V2B – No Song SubTitles

A Helping Hand – Diversified Medical Clinic V2A – Song SubTitles


Original Post Here:

So yesterday, I put on my song writer / composer hat and whipped up a song about personal health and care.

At first, it seemed pretty challenging to create a song for a Medical Clinic including some of the medical terms / procedures etc.

So, I tried to keep all the medical terms out of the song as it would lose it’s charm or appeal.

I wanted this song to be compatible with a  slide show Video for our local DMG Medical Clinic.

Hopefully, this is a pleasant  melody and people could hum along if they enjoy the tune.


Now you must understand that I am totally without any training or skill in the song writing / chord composing process.

I just made some phrases and used some standard Chord Progressions in the key of G ( like countless other songs ).

So, I think as I played some of the chords like G C D G I tried phrases/words that would match the music.

I recorded the song this morning on my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS3 camera which creates a  .MTS (AVCHD format ) file for use in my video.


So, today at 3:45pm , I’ll start a new Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Project and use pictures from past DMG Videos.


Well it’s almost 6pm and I uploaded the first version V1 to Youtube and it’s being processed by Google right now.

Uh oh,  listening to the song, I think it sounds OK but is NOT that catchy or interesting.

But I think it conveys the proper mood and message for the Health Clinic.

It would be a good exercise for me to improve on this song.

Version 2

I know I should also get better pictures of things DMG is doing outside of the Clinic.

And they did an H1N1 Flu shot Booth at Asian American  Expo in Pomona Ca in Jan 2010.

Hmmm, I forgot to add those pics to V1 so it will go into V2 and I guess I will re-record the song too.

OK, so I uploaded  Video V2 rather quickly and once again Youtube is slowly “processing” the video for display.


6:30pm – still waiting for the video to go live !

I wonder what PIC for the Video will come up ? ( how to change it )

6:52pm – it’s up

Hmmm, it’s seems strange to me how the Youtube video screenshot is particularly relevant / appropo.

I wonder if it is random or a human being chooses it ?


Take care, LA Guy ( Paul )

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