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Hi again,

I luv browsing around and finding videos of people singing “covers” of popular songs.

Sometimes, the video has stuff that I don’t want to see etc and I was looking for a relatively easy and free way to chop off the beginning or end of a Flash Video ( .flv ) without converting to say .AVI.

So off to Google …

How to split a large FLV file into smaller FLVs without first converting

Thanks to Quint  for his post on using the free Super program from eRightSoft  to do this task.

NOTE: It may be complex to actually find the right place to get the SUPER download :(. I downloaded mine last year 2009.

http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/552897  –

Many video enthusiasts want to split a large FLV video file into smaller chunks for editing or resharing only the interesting tidbits on the internet. Most programs require that you convert the flv into to another format( E.g. avi) and then back to a flv. I discovered the following flv editing/splitting by accident:
There is a free program called :  SUPER
This program can split a large FLV into smaller parts and keep it as a FLV file.

I include screenshots in this post to supplement the link instructions above.




SUPER will output the new FLV file in the same folder as the original file.

It’s a pretty complex program to learn.

Thanks, LA Guy


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Hi all,

Happy 4th !

It’s been a while and I have/had this audio recording problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop.

I wanted to record to a mp3 file whatever was playing on my computer.

Windows Sound Recorder didn’t work.

Audacity ( sound software ) didn’t work.

I saw on the web that others were having the same problem but no easy answer.

Something about not having the  “Stereo Mix” feature in  Control Panel > Sound – Recording Tab ( disabled devices ) in windows 7.

http://www.roemersoftware.com/vista-recording-problem.html  ( see here for the discussion )

It didn’t help me because the Sigmatel Integrated Sound Card is on the motherboard and really didn’t support  a “line in” plug etc etc etc.

I guess if you have a “real sound card” on your desktop PC then you will NOT have this problem as you will have a Stereo Mix option.

Anyway, after more frustration such as trying to use a Radio Shack Y adapter cable to pipe the stereo headphone output back into the microphone  input plug unsuccessfully, I finally exploring and found this little gem:


i-sound recorder solves the “record what you hear” problem on windows 7.


The free version only records 100 secs ( 1 min 40 secs ).

This program runs on your PC and then it just records what is playing without any configuration of your Sound drivers etc.

LA Guy

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