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Purpose: To customize the boring Windows 7 logon page with your own image

Well, the normal logon page is pretty boring, so I investigated on how to change it.

This link provides the instructions on how to do it by modifying the Windows Registry ( for advanced users ) or to download a free windows program to do it for you ( which I did ! ).


Warning: The image you use should be less than 256KB according to the Post.

Creating an Image: I used the  free utility  Paint.Net to add some Text on top of some Windows Background Theme images I downloaded. After saving the Image and Text in Paint.Net to a  .pdn file and .jpg. I had to figure out how to  compress the .jpg picture to less than 256KB using Windows Picture Manager.


Here is the free Background Updater Utility !


Here, we see the new Logon Image that I created and selected with the Utility.

So, when you reboot, you will see your custom picture.


Summary of Steps:

1. Find / make some Background Images that you want to use for the Logon Page.

I used Paint.Net to add Text on top of a Wallpaper image that I downloaded  ( size < 256 KB ).

2. Download the Utility and run to pick your new Logon Background Image.

3. Reboot your machine and you should see the new Image on your logon page !

Take Care, LA Guy


UPDATE:  You might also want to create a picture slideshow of the Background image after you have logged in !

This link shows you how.



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