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Hi again,


So, recently I took some shots with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5 camera and decided to use the new Windows Live Movie Maker – WLMM ( in Windows Essentials 2011 upgrade )

to make another  .WMV movie. I didn’t notice anything special about this version except it crashed when I added the .MTS ( AVCHD ) files from my camera to the project and it

turns out that there NOT supported in this upgraded version of Windows Live Movie Maker ( I don’t recall having this problem until I upgraded ). So, I decided to just remove all the .MTS files from this project for now and just use photos ( I could  convert the .MTS to .AVI or .WMV  but don’t know what s/w I would use at the moment what a pain …..  ). For future reference, my camera does support Motion JPEG or .MOV format which M$ says is supported in WLMM, so next time I will try using Motion JPEQ format .


NEW PROJECT – add nice photo Label to the DVD


What was new for me this time was to create a fancy label to stick on top of the plain DVD that was created.

Pre-requisites: I have a old Epson RX620 Inkjet printer for which I just re-filled the ink so I’m ready to go. I did try printing 5 x 7 photos

with this printer and they came out ok. I got the glossy 5 x 7 paper at Costco last year ( don’t remember the cost for 100 photos ).

Step 1: Buying  DVD Labels at local store

So, I went to local Office Depot to see what kind of labels they had and picked up the

Avery Glossy White CD Labels  for Ink Jet Printers – 8942  catalog number.

which turn out to be quite expensive since I only get 10 sheets of 2-up labels for a total of 20 disc labels

for $22 + $2 tax = $24. So each label costs about  $1.20.

It turns out that there was NO specific DVD labels there and I bought the photo labels specifically made for CDs.

There was a comment that DVD labels need to withstand more heat and faster spinning but since I couldn’t find ones, I decided to

just try with the CD Labels ( even at $1.20 a pop ).

Step 2: Downloading the software to print / design on the labels

www.avery.com/media   look for the Design Pro 5.5  for the  8931 or 8942

It’s about 85mb download, so it takes  a while.


2A. Printer Calibration: Installing was straightforward and the first step is to print a  test page on your inkjet printer (on plain paper )

to make sure the printing alignment is accurate.

Mine was fine …. lucky I guess.

2B. Find Template – Now you need to play with the software to find the 8931 / 8942 Media Labels  Design Template.

2C. Design Label – Then you design your label by  importing pictures and put text ( circular )

2D. Print Label – Printing  on the 2-up paper in Portrait mode only worked with 1 label at a time. The default template wanted to print 2 at a time in landscape mode but

the Avery CD Label paper was in Portrait. So,  printing 1 label at a time in Portrait mode was straightforward.

Caution:  My Epson RX620 printer prints the 1st ( top ) label  on the bottom label of the sheet.

Here is what I did. Note: I used Picasa 3 ( Free ) from Google to design the Collage of Photos and Text into a single picture and then I imported it into this program.

I inserted the bottom text with the program.


Software comments:  The Avery Design Pro 5.5 software worked just OK on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit Dell Inspiron E1525 laptop with 4 MB RAM.

Saving the project to a  .ZDL takes a long time.


Closing comments:  I will have to see if there are problems with using these “CD Glossy Photo” paper on the DVDs ( I hope not ).


Aligning your label on the DVD – without buying the tool …

There is one final tip that I might make on how to align and put the sticky label on the DVD.

Step 1: Use your Blank CD / DVD holder as an alignment tool.

Step 2: Remove sticky label and place sticky side up and center it with fingers.

Step 3: Put CD/DVD with Top Side facing down on top of the label.

It should be aligned fairly well !


If you really want more exact alignment then make your own center hole with the exact radius of the hole,

then when you place the sticky label down it will be aligned and not move !  ( or spend $10 bucks to buy 1 if you’re doing lots and lots of these ).

Like anything new, it takes some time and experimenting to get the final result.

Thanks for visiting, LA Guy


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