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Hi all,

So, I wanted to play around on the laptop and see how to use the “Text to Speech”  feature in Windows 7 ( my Dell Inspiron E1525 is 2.5 years old now … ) . I believe I read that it’s also there in XP and Vista.

Step 1: Configure your speaker voice and voice speed in Control Panel – Speech Recognition  ( see screen shot below )

Step 2:  Find your  document with text to be read and cut and paste into Notepad.

Also, minimize or close other applications.

Step 3:  Start Menu – type:  Narrator  to open Windows 7 Speech Narration program

Step 4: Toggle with mouse back to Notepad and  “select some text” and the Narrator program should start talking.

NOTE: I had problems trying to  use a Word Document directly so I switched to Notepad.

Also, the Narrator program likes to “read the current open application / window”. So by playing around with setting focus from the Narrator window  to the Notepad window and selecting text to be read finally started working.

I found the speech to be a little off but much better than I remember from the past. The speech is no longer robotic.

I think it can be a little helpful to those who want to hear how  reading the text sounds like even though it’s not 100% accurate.

Good Luck !

LA Guy


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Happy New Year 2011 to all !

So, I’ve been procrastinating on creating a video for my Acupuncture Doctor, Nosh.

I used Sony Vegas to edit a 8 minute video down to 4 minutes total.

The process involves quite a bit of work to “edit stuff out” and keep the comments aligned at the proper positions and making the appropriate comments.
Background music selection and sound volume need to be pleasant and supporting.

The original video (.WMV) rendered was about 185mb but I used my “Super”  utility to convert to a Flash Video .FLV to just about 10mb for upload to Youtube.

Here is the embedded link to the video

So, I hope Nosh likes it ….

LA Guy

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