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Play Along Guitar Practice

Hey everyone,

As a low intermediate guitar player, I can play basic chords but I’m not very good with barre chords. I used to go to various guitar chord display websites to  copy and paste songs with chords into a word document. But times have changed.

There are a number of free websites ( at the moment ) that you can use to display the chords ( not completely accurately ) while viewing the artist / song on Youtube.

You basically search for a song and then pick from videos on Youtube. Sometimes the song has to be uploaded by the site to analyze the song and record the chords used.

RiffStation has a Capo option which is very useful. It also has a Tempo or speed control which I saw on the IPad version but not on the Website.

You can download a  free app on IPad and IPhone. I haven’t tried the Android versions.




http://www.chordify.net   ( No Capo option on Free Version )


So, by using these sites and playing my personal favorite songs, I can practice playing with the actual artist over and over.

How cool is that ?  No excuses for not practicing now.





Hi all,

So, a friend gave me a link to this song on Youtube. I liked it and wanted to play and sing along on guitar but I couldn’t find the guitar chords online, only the lyrics.

Update: Youtube  might be blocking playing this song on WordPress. Something about “SME Content” …

If so you can find it here youtube.com/watch?v=qNU5t3k7cEA

Pozo-Seco Singers Group back in 1968 – Don Williams and Lofton Kline and Susan Taylor.

Credit to youtube channel:  rockwithstone  for posting a very nice video !!!

But where are the guitar chords online  ?

Since, I’m a very lousy guitar player and don’t have a good musical ear I haven’t ever tried to listen to a song and figure out the chords before, below is my very first attempt.

Feel free to comment and correct me. I might be completely off. But it may help someone else that is looking for this.

If the basic chords are NOT available on the web then no beginners can learn to play this song.  Hopefully, we get some comments to bring this song back to life.

Warning on Chords – I experimented with these chords to try and play along with original recording.

TIME by Pozo-Seco Singers Written By Michael.Merchant  ( around 1966 )
Capo 1:  seems to match the original female voice recording I heard on Youtube
Capo 3: matches my voice better
Intro:   …

(A)Some people       (Bm) run,                 (E)some people     (A)crawl,
(A)Some people       (Bm) don’t even       (E)move at             (A)all.
(A)Some roads lead (Bm) forwards;        (E)some roads lead(A) back.
(A)Some roads are   (Bm) bathed in light; (E)some wrapped in fearful(A) black.
(A)Time,  oh         (Bm) time                    (E) where did you  (A) go? (A) …
(A)Time,  oh         (Bm) good, good time (E) where did you  (A) go? (A) …

(A)Some people (Bm) never get,         (E) some never     (A) give
(A)Some people (Bm) never die and   (E) some never     (A) live
(A)Some people (Bm) treat me mean (E) some treat me (A) kind
(A)Most folks just (Bm) go their way  (E) don’t pay me any (A) mind

(A)Time,  oh         (Bm) time                    (E) where did you  (A) go? (A) …
(A)Time,  oh         (Bm) good, good time (E) where did you  (A) go? (A) …

(A) Sometimes I’m (Bm)satisfied;     (E)sometimes I’m (A) not.
(A) Sometimes my (Bm)face is cold, (E)sometimes it’s (A) hot.
(A) Sunset I            (Bm)laugh;          (E) sunrise I         (A) cry,
(A) At midnight I’m (Bm) in between (E)and wondering (A) why.

(A)Time,  oh         (Bm) time                    (E) where did you  (A) go? (A) …
(A)Time,  oh         (Bm) good, good time (E) where did you  (A) go?

BTW, famous Country Western Singer – Don Williams was in this group !

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah  Long live the oldies but goodies


Update on 9/23/2011  – Hold your horses on those CHORDS !!!

Thanks to wikipedia, I found more info on the group here.


I then found out that Susan Taylor is now called Taylor Pie.

Then I search Youtube for her and found her wonderful video here.

On this video I can see they are playing in the key of G.

So I believe the chords for the original recording  ( key of A with capo 1 ) may be  WRONG !!!

Now to try and figure out from the video. After the initial G chord she slides her hand down the neck to ? and back to Am so it looks like  G Am D G  with no capo repeated  ( instead of  A Bm E A  capo 1)
Taylor Pie with The Cumberland Trio – Time

Wow, also found these…

Music Video – Taylor Pie with Eben Wood

Looks like I can see the guitar neck up close in a few shots ! Sweet 🙂

2010 video here in a quiet room setting – very sweet !

Wow, her voice seems to be even richer now. Enjoy !


Here is a summary of how I made a video from a live performance using basic software on the Windows platform.

Venue: Cloverleaf Bakery outside patio in Temple City Ca.

Date:  Sat night, 9/17/2011 – 8-9:30pm

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 – 2+ years old now

Lighting: none, venue had outside lights, Lumix performs well in low light situations.

Sound: none, use Lumix camera microphone ( stereo )

Camera Access:  easy, very few people in attendance which allowed me direct

access to members for close up video.

Weather: ideal, very balmy evening with no wind

Cooperation: Very good, band was receptive to amateur photographer
without prior agreement

Design Strategy: 

Pictures: Take still images from various positions for the 3 players
and some group shots

Video:  Capture live video with sound for various songs in the set
Note: Camera set to record with .MOV format and not .M2TS

format since .MOV is easier for me to handle and I don’t see a big

loss of quality

Video construction:

Computer: Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop 4GB ram ( 4 years old ) running

Windows 7

Other Media / Resources:

myspace.com – Tymeles page – play the “Bluer Skies” sample and record
on my handheld Digital Voice Recorder ( 7 years old ) to .wav file

Capture the group image in their promotional PDF file and add to the

end of the video –  using Snagit32 screen capture program and save as


Windows Software:

Pictures:  Picasa 3.8 to create Collage picture

Video: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum version ( 2+ years old )

collect media:
pictures .jpg,  music – .wav and video .mov files into a new project

Use editing techniques to
fade in and fade out the sound on the video files
overlap the pictures and video for smoother transitions

Images Slide Show section
   organize the images at the beginning of the video and use the
Bluer Skies wav file as the background sound.
NOTE: I converted the .wav file to .mp3 with Youtubedownloader but

the sound was a little distorted.
Good thing Sony Vegas accepts the .wav sound format as well as


Video section
I didn’t really edit much of the video at all to cut any footage

out ( but I could have )
The sound was fine so I didn’t make any adjustments

Intro / Trailer
   Use the group Collage picture at the beginning and end

Video Text
Added explantory text throughout the video to identify band


Video Output – .wmv
The video is 7.5 minutes long and about 250mb long in HD 720 format.
It took about 45 minutes to render.

Youtube upload
I was able to upload the big file on youtube in about 1/2 hour.
This was unusual for me as I have had serious problems with

uploading in the past ( especially with big files ).

Set the Video title
Tymeles band at Cloverleaf Temple City CA 09/17/2011

Added Description Text

Tymeles ( TIme Less ) – easy rock

Chris Tejada, Howard Skinner, Jon Inatomi are out of Downey Ca.

Perform their own title: Bluer Skies
with Covers of:
Lodi – Credence
Things we said today – Beatles
El Sabor De Mi
Country Roads – Denver
Tequila Sunrise – Eagles
My Back Pages – Byrds / Dylan

at Cloverleaf Bakery in Temple City Ca.
Where I catch the action on my Lumix Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera.

Added Tags
Tymeles Beatles Credence Eagles Byrds Cover Music Band Lumix

The uploaded video is here less than 24 hours from event:

Post Mortem Review:

I never met the band before and just saw them playing when I got to the bakery. I just took out my Panasonic Lumix and started shooting !

Since, I’m having problems with Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7
I am using Sony Vegas instead. Movie Maker is much easier to use for

simple videos with no special/advanced effects ( except for music fade ins

and outs). But Sony Vegas takes the MOV and WAV files directly with no conversions !

I believe i’m at an intermediate level with Sony Vegas and have to

give credit to Bill Myers instructional videos ( and others ) on


Q. What do you think of the music ?

Best to u, LA Guy

It was a lovely Sunday Morning in Southern California at

CLINIC, South El Monte
10408 Vacco St. #B, South El Monte, CA 91733
Tel: 626-636-8701

They are a wonderful world wide  Buddhist organization that also has activities here in Los Angeles area.

So, there was a Free Blood Testing Event today and a very nice turnout.

Think about volunteering and helping out in your community ! Share the love !


Family Behavour  Heath Services:  www.pacificclinics.org


Homeless Family Services at:  www.sgvconsortium.org


Free HIV Testing: www.erasedoubt.org


I titled this post:  And no kind deed shall go unnoticed !

But for those with negativity its:  No good deed goes unpunished!


if you do something good, you will end up in trouble.

I would rather believe that:

No good deed goes unrewarded !

meaning you get the satifaction/reward for doing good.

How was your Sunday ?

Smiles and Gratitude, LA Guy

10408 Vacco St., South
El Monte, CA 91733
Tel: 626-636-8702 / Fax:



1000 S. Garfield Ave.
Alhambra, CA 91801
Tel: 626-281-3383 / Fax:

Office Hour: Tue-Sat 9AM –
10408 Vacco St. #B, South El
Monte, CA 91733
Tel:  626-636-8706 / Fax: 626-636-8736

CLINIC, South El Monte
10408 Vacco St. #B, South El Monte, CA 91733
Tel: 626-636-8701
/ Fax: 626-636-8739


Hi all,

So, I wanted to play around on the laptop and see how to use the “Text to Speech”  feature in Windows 7 ( my Dell Inspiron E1525 is 2.5 years old now … ) . I believe I read that it’s also there in XP and Vista.

Step 1: Configure your speaker voice and voice speed in Control Panel – Speech Recognition  ( see screen shot below )

Step 2:  Find your  document with text to be read and cut and paste into Notepad.

Also, minimize or close other applications.

Step 3:  Start Menu – type:  Narrator  to open Windows 7 Speech Narration program

Step 4: Toggle with mouse back to Notepad and  “select some text” and the Narrator program should start talking.

NOTE: I had problems trying to  use a Word Document directly so I switched to Notepad.

Also, the Narrator program likes to “read the current open application / window”. So by playing around with setting focus from the Narrator window  to the Notepad window and selecting text to be read finally started working.

I found the speech to be a little off but much better than I remember from the past. The speech is no longer robotic.

I think it can be a little helpful to those who want to hear how  reading the text sounds like even though it’s not 100% accurate.

Good Luck !

LA Guy

Happy New Year 2011 to all !

So, I’ve been procrastinating on creating a video for my Acupuncture Doctor, Nosh.

I used Sony Vegas to edit a 8 minute video down to 4 minutes total.

The process involves quite a bit of work to “edit stuff out” and keep the comments aligned at the proper positions and making the appropriate comments.
Background music selection and sound volume need to be pleasant and supporting.

The original video (.WMV) rendered was about 185mb but I used my “Super”  utility to convert to a Flash Video .FLV to just about 10mb for upload to Youtube.

Here is the embedded link to the video

So, I hope Nosh likes it ….

LA Guy